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Fans of Clash Royale should realise by now that the game received a new update last week; for gamers who haven’t seen this update yet, a new card has been unleashed onto the battlefield which is forcing players to change their gameplay style to deal with it.

The Ice Golem card unleashes the mighty Ice Golem upon the field and sends it on a path towards the enemy towers; this troop is slow moving and can take a huge amount of damage. Low level users will need to wait until they can access Arena 8 before they have a chance at unlocking the card.

Ice Golem is an unusual card, it only costs two elixir to summon however it is almost useless when played alone; for the card to shine, players need to use specific cards in conjunction with it which adds a new level of strategy to the already strategic game. This tank works well with other troops that reflect it’s abilities to slow down oncoming enemies or quickly slice through attackers so that the juggernaut can keep moving forwards.

While the card is certainly powerful, it also has one other trick that players need to be aware of; when the Ice Golem eventually dies, it will also destroy all of the units within close proximity to it. This final trick could be used to create the perfect opening to reach the enemy towers or could destroy all friendly units.

Supercell has hinted that they intend to release several other new cards this month which could also change how the game is played; this is an interesting time for Clash Royale players.