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The highly anticipated update has finally been released and Clash of Clans players will be pleased to hear that there may have finally been update without too many bugs or glitches; so far, gamers haven’t reported any major issues with the performance or gameplay after the latest update. The glitches that were discovered in the game were quickly noticed by Supercell and dealt with the same day.

This new update has added three new troop levels to the game which adds a new level of strategy to the gameplay; there are also three new levels for defensive buildings to help deal with the new threat from the troops in the game.

One of the biggest additions with this update however is the Bomb Tower which is a new specialized tower that players can build at Town Hall level 8. Bomb Towers will explode when they are destroyed making them especially strong against melee units and forces players to create new strategies to deal with them.

Plenty of re-balancing has been done to the game with this update and gamers should be pleased with most of these changes; Skeleton Spells now spawn more skeletons over a longer period of time while the Witch troop has received a nice HP increase but has lost some damage per second.

Other changes have been made to more classes, costs and to the Town Hall; Supercell has also heard the comment made by fans about the state of the Clan Wars. The developer has made some changes so that players receive greater rewards for attacking higher level players and so that players can still earn a War Win Bonus when failing attacks.

The full update has been released now and all Clash of Clans players can make the most out of the new changes which should provide a more interesting battleground.