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This October, Waze released new versions of their apps for both Android and iOS platforms. There wasn’t much fan fare and the release notes suggested the update were for bug fixes and performance improvements. Apart from this release, many other exciting news has surrounded Waze.

Launching of Beacons program

Driving through tunnels isn’t always good for navigation services, including Waze. Doing so results in signal loss and Waze wants to fix that.

In September, news of their Beacons program was announced. Rather than ask assistance from fellow drivers, Waze wants cities and tunnel owners to apply for the program. Through this program, participating tunnels will be installed with a battery-powered BLE Waze Beacon that would transmit signals to smartphones thus being able to provide location data whenever a car drives through a tunnel.

Smarter parking

Finding a parking spot is one of the most frustrating aspects of visiting a new city or just heading to the city. Waze resolved that issue with the update they released in September. Partnering with a data firm called INRIX which has provided parking solutions of Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen, Waze is now able to gather lots of date sources to enable them to aid drivers to find nearby parking spots.

Improving traffic and creating more reliable maps

Waze has recently partnered with Esri, a provider of geographic information systems for state, local and national governments, to improve traffic conditions as well as create maps that are more reliable. Since a lot of municipalities already use Esri, it wasn’t hard to add Waze data into the current mapping software of cities. Basically, information from Waze can be taken and turned into action. For instance, Waze users can report on vehicles on the side of the road and municipalities can use that data to attend to said vehicle.

Partnering with Transport for London (TfL)

TfL became the 100th partner of Waze and together they aim to provide drivers with real-time, crowd-sourced traffic information. TfL will provide Waze with information on roadworks and closures and they will receive traffic date from Waze.

Waze has been extremely helpful over the years with its crowd-sourced information. Through the app, drivers can know about objects on the road and easily find nearby parking spots.