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Needless to say, 200 million users all over the world is proof enough that people are satisfied with this product. 360 Security is actually an all-in-one antivirus and speed booster app that will optimize your memory space, battery life, background apps, and junk files. This is on top of keeping your devices safe from adware and Trojans, malware, viruses, and other vulnerabilities.

Here are several points why people love this intuitive software to manage their mobile applications.

  1. Leading Antivirus Engine – Never again should you worry about unsafe downloads or viruses with its top antivirus solution to keep it free from malware, Trojan, and adware.
  2. Most Effective Boosting and Cleaning App – It can detect that your phone or mobile device is running quite slow. Even if you might lack the storage for a new song or photoHHH`h, 360 Security will make a way via its boosting and cleaning engine. This will effectively free up storage and memory to accommodate your needs.
  3. Smart Battery Life Saver – With 360 Security, you will be able to conserve needed power as it can track apps that are working on the background and consuming the battery life.

Overall, here are things that you can take advantage of when you install 360 Security on your mobile device.

  • Antivirus Software

Your device will be able to scan memory card content, new apps, and installed apps automatically. Its latest protection technologies will effectively work against adware, viruses, Trojan and many more.

  • Memory Booster

It will free up your device’s RAM thereby boosting your mobile phone performance. Its One Tap Clean feature will be able to reclaim needed memory so that you can open apps without any trouble at all.

  • Power Saving App

Upon turning the Clean feature of 360 Security, you will be able to save the power of your device. This will save all the battery power you can get so that you can work on your devices a bit further.

  • Anti-Theft Features

Whenever you lose your mobile phone, 360 Security has a solution for that. It is called the all-in-one anti-theft solution, which includes a suite of features such as locate, erase, alarm and lock. This will enable you to retrieve lost devices and to protect personal data. You will be able to trigger the remote features through their Web interface from this site

  • Prevents Privacy Issues

With its Privacy and App Lock feature, you can prevent data from the device including photo albums, SMS, and other important documents to fall from the wrong hands.

  • Protection in Real-Time

Your device will now scan any installed apps as well as local APK files in real-time. It can also monitor any installation done on your mobile device.

If you have not installed 360 Security yet on your mobile phone or tablet, you should consider doing so. With tons of useful features, you can never go wrong with this app. Most of all, it is available for free in a number of different languages to choose from upon installation.