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Windows Media Player was developed by Microsoft and used for playing audio, video and viewing images from computers with the Windows OS. The initial version was released in 1991 and the latest was released in 2009, concurrent with the release of Windows 7, the Windows Media Player 12. This version had added features as well as added support to other video formats.

Windows Media Player Latest Version

Since Windows Media Player 12 was released with Window 7, no succeeding updates followed. Even after new Windows OS versions came out, such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, no updates were released. Same with the earlier versions of Windows such as Windows XP and older, the Windows Media Player 12 was not supported by older Windows version.

How to Update Windows Media Player

Just like other free software, Windows Media Player gets updates from time to time and these updates can either be automatic or be done manually. One important thing to remember, though, is that the user has to be logged in as the Admin in order to update the Windows Media Player.

Automatic Update

To do this, launch Windows Media Player and switch to the library view.  Continue to Select options and from the Options window, click on the “Player” tab. Next, under automatic updates, choose the interval option to set the time interval you want the automatic update to take place.

Manual Update

The first step is to launch Windows Media Player and switch to the library view. Next, click on the help button in the Menu bar and then from there, select “Check for updates”.
If you encounter problems with media playback on Windows using Windows Media Player, chances are, you might need to reinstall the application in your computer. If you are have recently upgraded from an older Windows version to Windows 10, you can install Windows Media Player 12. While you are at it, there are also privacy settings you can change in Windows 10 to secure your computer settings and enhance your computer experience.

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