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The giant tech companies Sony and Microsoft have brought up their new console versions before Christmas. Both products are in fact some updated versions of their old consoles which were launched in 2013. This is good because it brings some improvements, but let’s see why it would be better to go for an Xbox One S than for the PS 4 Pro.

  1. PS4 Pro doesn’t offer Blu-ray. You can indeed play some HDR and 4K content on it, but on the other hand, Xbox offers an Ultra-HD Blu-ray player. Even Microsoft was surprised that their rival company did not include this great feature on their newest product.
  2. Backwards compatibility. Though it might not seem as important as other features, this also matters for people who love playing the old games. PS4 Pro also lets you play some PS2 and PS3 games, but it’s more complicated than just inserting the old disk, you will also have to sign up for PlayStation Now.
  3. More storage. Xbox One S definitely offers more storage options than the PS 4 Pro. Xbox offers 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB models (which were already sold out), while Sony only created 1 TB versions. Even though few people actually need as little as 500 GB on their console, there are some customers who really enjoy having where to choose from. And you can expand the space with some external storage.
  4. Play Xbox games anywhere. The Play Anywhere feature is the result of many efforts of the Microsoft team to bring together both Windows 10 and Xbox One. This is an awesome feature, since it makes you pay for one platform, but you can actually play on both of them. However, this only works for the digital copies you buy from their Stores, but even so you get more choices.