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Samsung Galaxy owners are still looking forward to updating their software to the Android Marshmallow, but others are turning their heads to another software update – the Nougat. Many people who own an older phone are moving toward the opportunity of downloading the latest OS.

What Are The Rumors About The Nougat Update

Thoughts are the Android 7 Nougat is still being developed, but there is a high possibility of release in the near future. And, it’s believed it will come with a better stylus support for the Note’s line.

Samsung’s best screen models – Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge – is also being added to the conversation, with talks about the S Pen and it being bundled with the Galaxy Note.

When Should The Release Occur

Nougat has slowly been released on the company’s Nexus devices, but not on the Galaxy tablets or smartphones. With the release of Nexus devices, however, the possibility of best testing and, eventually, a public release for Nougat is high.

Samsung has yet to mention anything regarding the Android 7 update, which means it’s no surprise that no release date has been offered up for the updates. Still, Samsung tablet and smartphone users have been provided a window about the Nougat update on its latest devices – Edge series, Note 7 and S7.