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If you’re using OneDrive to save data in the cloud and access your files from a web browser or your iPhone or iPad, then you should know that Microsoft has just released a new update for its OneDrive app for iOS and it can be downloaded from the App Store.

OneDrive is a very useful hosting service that allows users to upload in the cloud photos, videos, documents, and many other files, then access them on a Windows PC, Mac or mobile device that has the app installed on it. OneDrive will automatically upload photos and videos using Camera upload, then users will be able to browse them and share them with their friends, by sending them a message with the link to download the files. Users are also able to move, delete and rename files and create new folders, quickly access the most recently opened documents, open OneDrive files in other apps, including Office, even offline.

OneDrive works on iPhones and iPads, but it requires iOS 9.0 or later. The new version 8.2 has 150Mb in size and it comes with a rich change-log. This is the full list of bugs that Microsoft has fixed:

– Files not syncing or folder getting stuck while loading;
– It crashed a lot when browsing through photos;
– Sometimes, only low resolution photos appeared;
– Missing UI in the share sheet for work and school accounts;
– When watching videos, users were interrupted by “Send feedback” message.

If you decide to sign up for an OneDrive account now, you will get 5GB of storage for free. However, if you will pay $1.99 a month, you will get 50 GB, but there are also two additional plans: OneDrive + Office 365 (if you’ll buy the package, you will get Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your PC, Mac, or iPad, and 1 TB of storage), and OneDrive for Business + Office 365 (each user will be given 1TB of storage).

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