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Not many things have been said about the design and features of the Nintendo NX console, and fans have come up with all kinds of theories. Perhaps Nintendo has had enough of hearing nonsense daily has finally decided to break the ice and maybe next week, the company will give us some information about this handheld/console hybrid that’s expected to be released in 2017.

According to reports, Nintendo could reveal its new console next week. Its price could be between $300 and $350, to be in line with competitive brands such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and rumors suggest that the console will bring back the use of game cartridges. Eurogamer claims that the handheld component won’t have a dock and that the NX will have detachable controllers. The device will be bigger than the Wii U and it will have a color theme of white and blue.

The platform will be capable of streaming contents in 4K resolution, while game that run at 60 fps will be played with 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, the Nintendo NX won’t be as powerful as the Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 Pro and it won’t compete with smartphones, either, as it will just combine the power of the home console with the portability of a handheld, and users will be able to carry it around and play games anywhere they like.

Some of the games that will be available at launch are Zombi U, Mass Effect 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but while Nintendo has full support from Ubisoft, other developers are more cautious. According to a leak, fans will find demo units in stores until February, and during this time, they will be able to play the three aforementioned games, as well as Mario. The Nintendo NX will be released in March, and it will be powered by a Tegra chip.

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