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Niantic has just released the latest versions for Pokemon Go and players have a few new things to look forwards to when they next log into the game. The biggest change to the game is the updated Gym training system that now allows players to take a full team of six Pokemon with them to train friendly Gyms. All players should also notice the changes made to ‘enemy’ Pokemon in friendly Gyms which makes the process of trainer better for players of all levels; Pokemon in friendly Gyms now have their CP adjusted to better suit the attacking player.

Some players will be thrilled with the Catch Bonus which has been added to the medals in the game; all medals in the game for catching specific types of Pokemon have now been given special Catch Bonuses which make it easier to find that type of Pokemon.

Several other minor features have been added to the game and anyone who still has the the game installed on their devices will notice the game is now sending Push Notifications; these notifications usually cause the phone to vibrate and remind the player to check the app. It’s a fairly common thing for apps to have these days so it’s not surprising that Niantic has now included this with Pokemon Go. This is fairly useless however and doesn’t add anything to the actual game.

In addition to the new Push Notifications, players can now see the distance walked for incubating eggs without needing to close and reopen the screen.

Niantic hasn’t commented when the next update will be arriving for the game but has confirmed that Trading will be coming later this month.