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Mojang has confirmed that Minecraft’s Pocket Edition 0.16.0 Update will be released later this week on October 18th. The update is also known as the Boss Update as it will be finally bringing The Wither to this version of the game.

The Wither is coming with a few slight changes also so that it spawns Wither Skeletons once it reaches 50% health. In addition to this, the update will also be adding the Guardian mobs and a new Elder Guardian mob which acts as another boss mob.

While those are the biggest additions to the game; players have a lot more to look forwards to this week with the addition of ocean related blocks and items. Most of these items in this update are available in the other versions of the game, however, there are a few special blocks and items which are version exclusive.

These additions will make the world of the Pocket Edition much larger however there are also a few other slight changes being made to the game. The Sponge blocks will finally be readded to the game and some new audio is being introduced to the game for blocks, items, and mobs.

It’s been hinted that Resource Packs might also be finally coming to Minecraft Pocket Edition with this update; this would allow players to edit the appearance of each resource in the game and also provide a user interface for importing resource packs into the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition players will be able to download this update for free this week; it’s bringing some needed content to the survival mode and gamers might also be able to look forwards to the addition of Resource Packs.