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Mojang first revealed the upcoming 1.11 update at MineCon in September and since then, the developer has released various Snapshots for players test. Each Snapshot contains new features and content which will be released in the update later this year.

There is currently no official release date for the Exploration Update and there have been no hints from Mojang about it. This will be a moderate size update and is the first release for the Exploration Update series but Mojang has already confirmed that the 1.11 update will contain a variety of new content.

It looks like the 1.11 update is focused on adding more content to the survival mode with the addition of Llamas, new structures, new enemy mobs and some blocks from the Pocket Edition are being ported to the game. Fans of the survival mode will be happy to see that Mojang is planning to add new Return Portals to the game which will teleport the player back to their spawn point.

A few other changes are also coming with this update to modify the Options menu, how tabs are sorted and to also modify the case sensitivity of Entity Ids. These changes are minor but are necessary and should provide players with a much better gaming experience.

There are also a range of modifications and tweaks being made to the current features in the game; adventure map creators will be especially pleased by some of the changes being made in this upcoming update.

Most of the changes and content coming in update 1.11 have been officially revealed by Mojang however it is possible that the developer still has a few additions they haven’t revealed just yet. This is the first of several Exploration Updates and gamers can expect to see more expedition and exploration related coming over the next few updates.