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Everyone is expecting the Microsoft Surface Book 2 to be released at the end of this month. We remind you that the hybrid laptop’s original version has been released last year, in the same month, so this is the reason why everyone believes that it will come in the same period. However, some reports indicate that the upcoming device will be immediately available in stores after its launch.

However, there are rumors which say that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will not be released so soon because Apple wants to bring the device along with the Intel’s Kaby Lake processor. Reports say that this processor will be faster without wasting more battery. Aside from this, there are also speculations which say that Microsoft also awaits for the Redstone 2 Update (for Windows 10 OS), which means that most likely after the Intel’s Kaby Lake and Redstone 2 Update will be released, we will see the Microsoft Surface Book 2 hitting the stores.

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is expected to feature a 4K resolution 3D display, USB 3.1 support for faster transfer along with OneClip and Office Hub features. This hybrid laptop will most likely be released along with the Surface Pro 5.

So, if you’ve been waiting for the Surface Book 2 then you’re in bad luck, because Microsoft will probably wait a bit longer until it will release it. However, the device might be unveiled soon, but that doesn’t mean that you will be able to get your hands on it very soon. If we will find more information about the Surface Book 2, we will let you know!

Do you think that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be released soon? Tell us your thoughts about this upcoming hybrid laptop! What other features do you want Microsoft to add?

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