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Google’s Nexus tablet lineup is considered a very popular mid-range tablet and the latest model to be released is the Google Nexus 7. However, rumors suggest it’ll be the last of the line. Google is allegedly killing the Nexus name and going with Pixel instead.

There are some folks who have speculated that the upcoming Nexus 7 tablet will actually be called Pixel 7, and the branding policy may also be applied to two other Nexus devices. It’s believed that these were the ones that would have brought out Google’s new OS – Android 7.0 Nougat.

This didn’t take place.

Instead, the OS appeared on the Nexus devices by the end of August.

It’s believed the Nexus 7 will have an interesting feature installed on it. It’s been speculated that the company will forgo Android OS for Andromeda OS – firmware that is an amalgamation of ChromeOS and Android.

Andromeda OS is believed to be an innovative operating system that Google is releasing for other devices shortly. According to some tech analysts, the OS’ introduction would be premature and won’t be seen on the Nexus (Pixel) 7.

It’s also been suggested that the Nexus 7 will have an early October release as well as two other Nexus devices – Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. Some suspect Google may launch the Google Home and Daydream VR platform as well. No statement, thus far, about the release dates, but the time for release isn’t that far off.