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Niantic may have just released a new update for Pokemon Go but players have their eyes on the future updates which have been confirmed for the game; the developer has already confirmed that they are actively working on a trading system which will be similar to the ones featured in the main games.

To reflect this upcoming addition, the Terms of Service has been updated to allow trading but to limit this to the available Pokemon Go marketplace. This change will supposedly stop players from trading through third party apps which are expected to start appearing shortly after the update.

Trading is due to be added later this month but fans of Pokemon Go have quite a bit more to look forwards to; according to comments made by Niantic, legendary Pokemon should be added with the next update. While the comments around legendary Pokemon seem to suggest they are coming this year, there is still uncertainty about when they will be added to the game.

Gyms have been confirmed to be getting an overhaul and players will soon be able to take a full team of six to battle at friendly gyms which will make leveling gyms much easier. According to rumors, the developer is currently working on a trainer battles systems which will allow players to actively battle each other. It’s still unknown exactly how this will work but this is expected to be arriving in December or during early 2017.

Pokemon Go has been having a playerbase issue recently; most gamers credit this to the lack of a working tracking system and limited features that are currently in the game. Many changed have been made to Pokemon Go over the past few months but Niantic has still not launched a working tracking system to the game.

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