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It seems that Google will shutdown Panoramio next month. Panoramio is a geolocation-oriented photo sharing that’s owned by the big search engine company. These photos can be accessed as a layer in Google Maps and Google Earth. The website goal is to allow users of Google Earth to learn more about a specific area by viewing photos that other users have taken and uploaded.

Panoramio is available in several languages, which is great if you don’t speak a foreign language, as there are high chances that you will find that your native language is supported.

According to reports, Panoramio will be shut down by Google on November 4, 2016. It seems that the company has taken this decision in order to turn its Google Maps application into a social platform. In other words, Google Maps will be used also as a discovery tool, making it great for marketers and advertisers.

We remind you that back in 2014, Google has announced that it will shutdown Panoramio, but it seems that the company has delayed this action in order to bring more features to Google Maps before doing this.

So, starting from November 4, 2016, Panoramio will enter a “read-only” mode for one year. During this year, users will be able to see photos, but they will not be able to upload any new images. It is good to know that both the export option and syncing with Google Album Archives feature will still be available for one more year, but on November 4, 2017, all accounts will be deleted.

Google is suggesting users to link their Panoramio account to their Google+ profile in order to save all their photos from the mentioned platform to the Google Album Archive, without using up the storage quota.

What do you think about Google’s decision to shut down Panoramio?