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Anybody who has used Facebook at some point in his/her life knows that there are lots of hoaxes that circulate on it, some of them more plausible than others. However, there is nothing new among them, and who has been using the online network (or other social networks) for years knows that the same texts appear periodically.

The most recent hoax spotted online was a text about messages and published images. This particular one has firstly appeared several years ago, and obviously it was quickly shown as false. According to the message, all the messages and posts you have ever published will become public at a particular date (somewhere in the near future usually) if you don’t copy and paste a message on your timeline that will denounce this public acquisition of the photos, messages and posts by the owner of the company.

The first time this was posted this year was last July. Scott Dudley, a user from Bug Tussle, Oklahoma, published the text saying that today (or that day, to be more exact) everything you ever posted will become public, including messages you deleted, and that copying and pasting the message will prevent Facebook from doing so.

Honestly speaking, if you think logically, nothing you copy and paste will legally prevent Facebook from doing anything with your data. This is why we have legislation and regulations. Ask any legal advisor and they will tell you the same thing, that regardless where you copy and paste the text, it won’t help you with anything.

Some people think that the message is true because it invokes a certain law or regulation or treaty. We know that it sounds official and this might trick you into believing it’s true, but you should always check the facts online before spreading information around.