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Samsung has updated Always On Display for its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and it comes with a redesigned calendar, interface changes and battery consumption improvements. The update (version 1.4.02) is 8MB in size and it rolls out over the air.

Clock And Image

The Always On Display will support three types of clocks: World, Analog and Digital and the latter will be set by default, which will contain the clock, calendar and image setting. Also, the new update comes with Image Clock, which allows any image to be set to the Always On Display, while with the Signature clock, they are able to set their own signatures.

Redesigned Calendar

The previous two types of calendar have been replaced with a new one, which has been redesigned. Users will see now information about songs played through supported music apps, an option that was native to the Galaxy Note 7.

Longer Battery Life

Samsung has made improvements to the battery consumption, which will eat up less than a percent per hour, but the company mentioned that the “Battery consumption rate is up to Samsung internal measurement and can vary up to the content type.” Samsung has built this update on top of the May 2016 AOD update and at that time, users were given the option to schedule and set specific times.

Unsolved Issues

The AOD on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge remains constantly on, and this is very annoying, because on other Android premium devices, the Always On Display surfaces after a simple wave (Moto X), or a simple tilt (Nexus 6P). Users want Samsung to provide options for other ways to surface the display, just to save even more battery juice. Also, users want the AOD to support third party applications, because, currently, on the S7 and S7 Edge are displayed only Samsung’s stock apps (dialer and text messaging).

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