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So another update is available to Android users to help them stand out of crowd. But it is most likely the crowd will also use the same OS, so you better hurry up on getting the update to prevent yourself from left behind.

Android Nougat is another pleasure and an update to show off for the loyal customers Android to their apple user peers. With huge improvements and added layers of beauty, Android Nougat once again surpassed the standards set by Android in its Lollipop and Marshmallow versions.

And what is better for those Android users who are showing their loyalty to the OS from Motorola than having such an update available to them in the first few weeks of availability of the update. So you have it all your own best phone with your loved features and applications.

So what does Android Nougat offer? To put it simple and short, the update has introduced some new features, improved many existing ones and eliminated many performance issues that were present in past versions. It has retained the most visuals of Marshmallow by keeping the previous app drawer and home screen style. Most obvious changes include a notification area that is redesigned to let the user edit the apps to appear according to what he wish and Settings menu that has changed its design.

The most prominent feature added by the new version is how it facilitates multi-tasking. This it does by letting the user split screen. The two screens can how two different task that the user is performing. The user can resize these windows according to his own needs or he can use a 50/50 width split.

Do you want to add even more work to your smartphone? Use Quick Switching app. This will let you switch two of the apps which you have recently used. You can use this feature whether you are working in a full-screen app or are using the split-screen app, in the later the quick switch option is available only to the secondary window.

That said, working with split screen mode has become extremely easy. While working on this mode if you want to type some text in one of the open windows, the window in use will resize to accommodate the keyboard, and after you have typed in the text, it will revert back to its previous size.

Another feature in Nougat that saves your sanity is the way it portrays notifications. It offers you the ease of bundling up the notifications that you receive from a particular app. The users simply have to choose which app’s notification they want to bundle up. Moreover, it also allows the users the facility of Quick Reply. Through this feature, users can respond to the notifications by simply clicking the notification without opening the relevant app. And guess what’s more to this feature? With it, users get the ability to perform other actions with regards to the notification. These actions include sharing, liking, deleting or saving the notification.

And there is a feature to save your battery even more ruthlessly than before. If left stationary, your phone will now undergo two different stages of hibernation depending on the time of which it remained unused. In the first stage of hibernation, it will only shut network access allowing your phone to get only occasional data. And in case it is forgotten for a longer while, the phone will go into deeper sleep, not allowing any sync data, prevent any GPS scanning and kill all wake locks.

In short, Android Nougat will be a positive update for Motorola users.