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The Surface Phone, produced by the Microsoft Corporation, has still become an obsession of tech lovers, and it’s even more interesting since the company did not release any official statement, neither confirming, nor denying the future phone. Even so, according to the latest rumors in the industry, this myth might turn out to be actually true.

On October 26, there will be a major Windows 10 event taking place, and the rumors claim that we are going to find out more details about the upcoming device then. Another interesting news that got many people curious and excited about the Windows Surface Phone is the fact that it is supposed to include the Continuum mode.

If we were to consider the available clues as being real, it would seem that the Surface Phone is a device oriented for professionals. It was named a productivity hub, and it seems that the only thing delaying a possible release is the fact that the next update to the latest operating system, codenamed Windows 10 Redstone 2, will be hitting the market next spring. At the same time, knowing this lets us speculate on what other features will the Surface Phone bring to its users.

Zac Bowden, who works at Windows Central, declared that according to some sourced, Redstone 2 will be capable of letting you sync the work between your mobile device and the PC. Moreover, if the Surface Phone device will be starting with the Redstone 2 update, most likely it will include the „Continue App Experiences”feature. This allows you to sync the app-states from the Surface Phone to the PC.

Another feature will supposedly be named „Flow”or „Pickup Where I left Off” will let you switch between the apps you have on the Surface phone and continue working from the same spot on your PC, which might be really helpful if you need to change your place or the desk where you’re at.

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