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Up until now, a review for the popular game „Mafia 3” was thought not to appear before the release of the video game. Many gaming sites reported that the cause might be the fact that 2K does not supply copies before the release for reviews. Apparently the game still needs some essential features such as good graphics, vehicles and outfits.

2K Games has did this in the past too, they held back a couple of pre-release copies for the Mafia 3 game before its release on the 7th of October. It’s already been a week since it has been launched, and many gamers reportedly want the gameplay and the graphics to need a little bit of polishing. It is indeed a good game and it has an excellent plot, paired up with good audio work and some authentic open world. Despite this, critics say that the gameplay might become monotonous and boring since the main character has to repeat the same mission in the same building again and again and again.

As it seems, the Mafia 3 game was released without bringing any fast travel to its players. The main character, Lincoln Clay, has to walk or drive around the map in order to advance. Also, the product received lots of criticisms for the poor visuals, which look kind of outdated rather than modern. Another disadvantage is that it includes a couple of bugs and some other glitches that interfere with your gameplay or simply crash the entire game. Mafia 3 might also become too bright or too dark sometimes, thus making you reset it.

On the bright side, Mafia 3 has really been placed next to the Grand Theft Auto 5 game released by Rockstar Games, but lost in front of it when it came to quality and graphics.