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More than a month ago, the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 Plus was officially released. Surprisingly, it quickly became a rare thing to find in stores, but for now it’s not clear whether this happened because of the jaw-dropping demand of the public or the insufficient supply Apple brought in stores or, who knows, both of them.

These days, Apple released a new batch of them, as a consequence. However, you shouldn’t simply rely on that and if you really want to get your own device, you should hurry to the nearest store, since chances are high that the new batch will also be sold out soon. And if you think about the fact that the bigger version of the iPhone 7 in this particular color has also had a crazy success, it’s even more plausible that the shelves will be empty pretty soon.

It seems that the second batch of the smartphone in this color has already been delivered to several retails stores belonging to the Cupertino company. You can still get a copy in Kansas, Colorado or Nevada, but nobody knows for sure how much will the reserves last.

iStockNow is an useful tool that lets you see whether there are any iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus devices available anymore at any Apple store, and not just in the United States. According to Mac Rumors, the details provided by the website are based on Google Maps and on the reservations system of the producing company.

Surprisingly, the most popular option was the 128 GB one, which costs $869, the Jet Black version, instead of the 256 GB model that was previously expected to be the most successful one. The 256 one costs $969, which might be a reason for its lack of popularity.