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As it seems, Google is constantly working on improving the web experience on mobile platforms, and now they are interested in a better way of indexing search results when it comes to smartphones. Search Engine Land released a report showing that Google is planning in the next months to create new type of primary search index dedicated to smartphone users.

It seems that they will still keep a separate index for the desktop users. Gary Illyes, who works at Google, confirmed for Search Engine Land that the company will roll out their new mobile index in a couple of months. He has talked about this issue in a keynote address he held at the Pubcon too, but despite this, he didn’t offer a time frame for the release of this new product.

The first time we heard about Google’s plans with the index was the SMX East event that took place last year, and ever since then the team has been working on perfecting the idea. However, even if there’s been quite a while since them, there are still no other details about this particular project. According to the report, the most important change this project will bring is the fact that with the mobile index, the search browser will have a different way of running the ranking algorithm on exclusively mobile content, instead of taking data from desktop content to be able to determine other mobile rankings.

Recently, the tech giant also released a faster Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for the mobile search results only in India. This project is dedicated to the problems people encounter when a website is loading very slowly. It resembles the Instant Articles Facebook has introduced this year, which lets users load some articles instantly. Google says that with the AMP, a page from Google Search can load in less than one second.