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The WhatsApp for Windows 10 Mobile messaging service has just updated to but users won’t get it automatically. It’s an optional update that adds rich previews to website links when they are posted into conversations.

You’ve probably noticed the same thing when it comes to sending a link via Facebook messenger. But this WhatsApp feature can be removed prior to sending that message.

Now, you might be wondering what the rich previews are. You probably have seen them but you did not know what they were. They essentially take data from a website and then they offer a preview of it. They are especially useful if you are interested in an article and the title is short and does not give you a clear picture of the ensuing content.

If you’re interested in this feature as a current or feature WhatsApp user, you should definitely get it as it will help you in the sense that whenever you send a link to a contact, they will get a better idea about what that particular message is all about.

If you’re not already using WhatsApp you should know that at the moment, WhatsApp is one of the most popular free messaging services, albeit a very controversial one due to some of its features and policies. Most notably, the company was accused that its end-to-end encryption could help terrorists or other people involved in other types of crimes communicate without governments being able to listen in on them.

More recently, a great number of WhatsApp users were appalled at the company’s change in Terms and Conditions that now allows it to share user data with Facebook – its parent company.

However, other than this, it’s a very good choice for a messaging app as it enables users to send text, stickers and media to their contacts.