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WhatsApp is the mobile messaging application of the moment, being used by over 1 billion people from all over the world. Today we will talk about the latest WhatsApp BETA version that has been released for Windows Phone and the new features that it brought.

First of all, you should know that the latest WhatsApp BETA version for Windows Phone comes with GIF support. However, it is good to know that the application doesn’t allow you to send GIFs yet, but you can select a video and crop it to 6 seconds (or less) and send it as a GIF to anyone on WhatsApp.

In addition, the new WhatsApp BETA version for Windows Phone comes with OneDrive integration for backups. This new feature allows you to backup the WhatsApp chat history and messages directly to the cloud (OneDrive). In other words, if you factory reset or change the smartphone, you will be able to restore the WhatsApp messages via OneDrive. It is good to know that the backups can be done daily, weekly or monthly, but we suggest you to set a daily backup schedule in order to make sure that you don’t lose too many messages if something happens with your device.

The new WhatsApp update also comes with an improved set of emojis. The new emojis are actually updated in order to match the new iOS 10. However, we think that the new emoji are actually worse than the default Windows 10 emojis. For some reason, WhatsApp is using iOS emojis on its application across all platforms, but we’re not sure yet why they are doing this.

If you want to check the latest WhatsApp BETA version of Windows Phone we suggest you to download it from the internet. When the installation is complete, you can use your mobile phone number to get yourself identified and log into your WhatsApp account.