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It seems that the Australian politicians have been accused that they are risking the national security by using the WhatsApp application. It seems that the WhatsApp application has not yet been cleared by Australian Signals Directorate (also known as ASD) and it is not on the list of its “Evaluated Products”.

However, we remind you that governments have complained in the past about the use of encryption in messaging application that’s preventing law enforcement and security agencies from tracking and reading messages between criminals and terrorists.

In other words, WhatsApp is a secure product, as it comes with the end-to-end encryption. This means that the messages that you send on WhatsApp will be encrypted and only you and the person you’re talking with will be able to see the messages that you write to each other.

However, even if the application is secure, you will need to make sure that your mobile phone is not infected with a malware or any virus that would allow the hackers to access it. In case you have a malware installed on your smartphone, hackers could access your device and gain full access on it, allowing them to read your emails, WhatsApp messages and more.

This is the reason why you should ALWAYS update your smartphone to the latest OS version. In addition, you can also install an antivirus program on the smartphone to make sure that malwares, Trojans and other viruses don’t get inside it.


The WhatsApp application is a SECURE end-to-end encryption application and politicians can use it without any problems. However, if the smartphone is infected and allows the hackers to connect to it, then nobody that’s using that device will be safe no matter what application they will use.

Do you trust WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption or do you think this system has its flaws and it can be exploited by hackers?