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The latest WhatsApp BETA version 2.16.308 has just been released for Android devices. Unfortunately, the new version doesn’t come with any big chances, but there are some minor ones which are worth to be mentioned.

First of all, when you will receive a video in a WhatsApp chat, a small icon (play) will now appear. The new icon has been introduced in this new version of the application along with many others. Unfortunately, there are no major changes made to the application, so if you’ve been expecting the “Video Calling” feature, you’re not in luck. As expected, some bugs have been fixed and the application’s stability has been improved.

The WhatsApp 2.16.308 APK (installation) file has been increased by 510KB and it has over 1120 modified files. It is good to know that most of them are some emoji that have been optimized. In addition, two new icons have been added (circle_shade_big.9.png and ic_video_play_conv.png) along with a conversation_row_legacy_video_left.xml file.

WhatsApp 2.16.308 BETA: How To install On Your Android Device

First of all, we remind you that the WhatsApp 2.16.308 is currently in BETA phase and this means that there are high chances that you will find bugs and other annoying issues while using the application.

In addition, in order to install the WhatsApp 2.16.308 on your Android device, you will need to become a BETA tester by heading to this Google Play Store webpage. Once the webpage loads, you will need to tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button and you’re done.

After that, open the Google Play Store on your Android device, search for WhatsApp 2.16.308 and install it on your smartphone. When the installation is complete, you will have to use your mobile phone number (which acts as your login credentials) in order to log into your WhatsApp account.

Have you tested the latest WhatsApp 2.16.308 BETA version on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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