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The developers of both PokeWhere and FastPokeMap have both confirmed that they have new Pokemon trackers coming very soon and that they have both almost bypassed the new security blocks that Niantic has added to the game.

Niantic has been regularly increasing their security to stop this third party apps from accessing their servers and forcing them to constantly fight new blocks. The developer of FastPokeMap has released a statement commenting on this which reflects the opinion held by many players. Recent updates to Pokemon Go seem to have caused the game to drain more battery, slow the games response and some players even report being unable to play the game on certain phone brands now.

The developer of FastPokeMap claims that these issues are being directly caused by Niantic’s efforts to keep third party developers from accessing the game. Changes made to the game have added more CPU usage which in turn drains the battery at a faster rate and increased lag.

Both third party apps have spent quite some time working on their apps, the most recent changes to the Pokemon Go API seems to have added fake code to the game which is slowing down their progress. If the FastPokeMap team are correct in their suspicions then this is what’s causing the problems with older smartphones.

It’s very clear that Niantic has a very strong stance against third party apps and if the FastPokeMap team are correct then the company is willing to damage their game to keep them out. Despite the best efforts of Niantic, it looks like PokeWhere and FastPokeMap will be returning very soon with working Pokemon Go trackers.