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It’s so sleek, it’s so stylish, it’s so new and it’s so hi-tech….

These are the first few thoughts Apple fans have when seeing the brand new iPhone 7 and its features. However, there are still some things that Apple missed when making this model – and according to the fan reviews, we are listing the biggest disappointments the iPhone 7 is responsible for – below.

There Is No Headphone Jack

Saying ‘goodbye’ to the headphone jack is something we couldn’t believe was happening. And although there were a lot of people (including Apple fans) pointing fingers to Apple for making this update ‘dumb’ – the company defended by saying that this is the next-level revolutionary feature.

Sure, it may be – but how are we supposed to listen to music on an iPhone without paying extra headphones?

There is no option – and that’s the scariest thing.

The Shiny Black Color Is Prone To Scratches

The color that got all the ‘wows’ was the shiny black variation of the iPhone 7. But in the same time, it was the color that was found to ‘get all the scratches’. So, it’s safe to say that without a case, your shiny black iPhone 7 won’t survive the scratches and lines it gets from any table, backpack, purse or pocket.

Let’s just home they invent a great transparent case for it.

The Fact That It Is Not Water-Waterproof

Sure, you can text while it rains and spill a glass of water on your iPhone 7 – but we have become way too careful to do that, right?

What users wanted in the iPhone 7 was a waterproof feature that would make the phone just like a GoPro and will capture their memories even underwater. However, the rain and glass is the reality we have to live in when it comes to the waterproof features in the iPhone 7.

So, although the iPhone 7 is a good improvement in terms of camera, battery life and storage – it is not a radical one to make every 6S owner want to upgrade to it. Simply put, Apple has built an ecosystem that is hard to leave – but in the same time, a costly one and a bit weird to adapt. Don’t think that’s the case?

Say that to your ‘jack-less’ iPhone 7 that can take a couple of drops, but not the pool.