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You may have heard perhaps that the Google Maps app can now synch with your Google Calendar events and that it can also highlight the location of those events whenever you open the Maps.

We can all agree that this is incredibly useful, but Google hasn’t stopped there. It has now included Panoramio, an app that enables users to upload and share pictures that they make for specific locations on Google Maps.

Another interesting thing that Google has done recently has been to allow users to add locations and to even confirm suggested edits, which we can all agree would make everything more accurate on the Maps. Then, there are the new search ads that can be used by people to find local businesses which again are very handy if you know how to enquire.

Everything seem to point towards Google attempting to transform the Maps app into a social platform of sorts and it’s working! The ultimate purpose of these changes is to make Google Maps a primary discovery tool as well as a social platform that will draw businesses and advertisers.

Naturally, all of these new additions and editing privileges Maps has are a means to get users to be more interested in the service and to use it more often. Not to mention that the user data input will make things more accurate and thus, more trusted.

Users should also keep in mind that Google Maps can also be used for so many other things. For example, it can be used for finding available rides from one place to another via Uber and other similar companies or it can be used to see how a particular restaurant and its food looks like provided that there are enough pictures of it available.

Google Maps already has a lot of functionalities and more additions coming to it soon should make us all feel very excited.

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