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Portrait Mode is an exclusive feature that was brought to the iPhone 7 Plus by the iOS 10.1 public beta and which makes use of the dual lens camera, and it applies depth-of-field effects to photos. This feature is accessed within the Camera app using a simple gesture: by swiping left and right in the viewfinder. Owners of the iPhone 7 and older iPhones feel discriminated and they want to play around with the Portrait Mode. Thanks to FabFocus, a third party application, users are able to blur the background in their pictures the same way as iPhone 7 Plus users do.

The application will be released this days and it’s awaited by many users who want to create the bokeh effects and replace photo background in their photos. FabFocus may not be a freebie because of what it will be able to do, but it will be available in the App Store.  The application will work even on the iPhone 5s and it will use facial recognition to blur the background of the photo while keeping people in the foreground.

According to the app description, FabFocus will allow users to “Quickly adjust blur and transform any point lights into customized aperture shapes like hearts or stars!” and minor adjustments will be made by using the finger with the built-in tool. Without a doubt, this application will become very popular in a short time, and to convince users that FabFocus is the perfect choice for their old iPhones, SecondVerse, the creator of this app, has posted a few sample images here.

On the other hand, if you’re an iPhone 7 Plus owner and want to download the latest iOS 10.1 public beta, you will need to sign up for the Apple Beta Program using your Apple account email and password. Then, once you sign up, you will need to download a profile and enroll your device for the Public Beta. All new Beta updates will be available in the device’s Software Update section.

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