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Google Play Store has an application that comes installed on devices that run on Android OS and today we will talk about a new feature that this application has received. In this official store you will find lots of applications, games and other useful tools that you need for your mobile device.

However, today we will talk about the Daydream Keyboard, which you will be able to use on Daydream Apps. Keep in mind that you can’t use the application yet, but you will find it on the store and you will also see some screenshots with it in action.

According to Google, some Daydreams applications will NOT function if you remove the Daydream Keyboard from your device. This keyboard comes with a user-interface that looks like the standard Google Keyboard. In the middle of the keyboard you will find the alphas and on the separate panel on the left side you will find the numbers and a panel on the right side where you will find backspace, enter and close.

If you want to type a letter, you will need to hover over the specific letter using the virtual cursor. Currently, there are not many smartphones that are compatible with the Daydream Keyboard, but one of those that are compatible is Nexus 6P, but as we’ve told you above, you can’t install it yet.

It seems that the virtual reality is becoming more and more popular and big companies are already trying to implement it on their operating systems and devices. However, a good amount of VR features and options will not available sometime soon, as some companies are a bit behind with the development of this new kind of “platform”.

What are your thoughts about Virtual Reality? Will you use Daydream Keyboard once it will become available for your mobile device?