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sTech fans, athletes, runners and bikers – we have big news for you.

What has been rumors for the past few months has just turned out to be true. Apple paired with Nike to create the first hi-tech sports watch that is capable of…just everything. The name is Apple Watch Nike+, and what does it have to offer?

A Smartwatch Revolution

The Apple Watch Nike+ is definitely a step ahead in the smartwatch revolution. Aside from the amazing design (which can be seen as a preview on the pics below), the Nike+ version of the Apple Watch will pack some great features as well.


The official release will take place on October 28, meaning that you can certainly mask yourself in an athlete with a Apple Watch Nike+ for the upcoming Halloween.

The Differences With The Standard Apple Watch

The basic differences in the Nike+ version of the Apple watch will manly focus on the sportsy perforated band which is even better looking in person. The color variations are black with yellow, silver or grey around every hole of the band. Speaking of holes, they are added to this model for utmost breathability while running, cycling, kayaking, hiking or any other sports activity.

The price will remain the same as the Series 2 watch – which is a good thing – starting from $369 for the 38mm version and $399 for the 42mm Nike+ Apple Watch.

From countdown timer to stopwatch and tons of other metrics, the Apple Watch Nike+ definitely packs everything you expect it to have – plus a lot more.

The Video Review

9-To-5 Mac has officially reviewed the Apple Watch Nike+ prior to its release – to make us drool even more and want it on our hand as soon as possible. Here is the video of the hands-on review, shot by 9-to-5 Mac.

So, do you like the brand-new Apple Watch Nike+?

Or should we say, does it deserve a place on your sweaty hands?

If you ask us, it’s definitely a must-have for every athlete.