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AIR is Adobe’s cross-operating system runtime that allows developers to combine technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Flex as well as ActionScript in deploying rich Internet applications for a broad range of devices, including desktop computers, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and TVs. The latest version of this runtime system is 23 and it was released on September 13, 2016. This update included bug fixes, security updates and new features.

Here are the details on Adobe AIR 23:

It now has the GameInput API for iOS

Support for the GameInput API is now available starting with AIR 23. Basically, this APUI allows applications to communicate with Game controllers. Through this API, an application is able to get all the information it needs regarding the Game controller.

This API has already been made available for Android devices. However, for it to run on iOS, a minimum swf version of 34 is needed. GameInput API is able to support iOS devices that are running version 9.0 or higher.

It introduces Echo Cancellation for Android

This update addresses acoustic echo, which occurs when the built-in microphone input receives feed backs from the speaker output. This then results in echoes that reduce the quality of the data that is captured significantly. The problem mostly arises in collaboration applications which involve two or more parties carrying out an interactive conversation.

With AIR 23, developers can now develop VOIP applications on Android without any echo. While this feature has been available for AIR on desktop and iOS, Android is just getting this update.

It makes the StageText clear button optional on iOS

In the past, a clear button option is made available by default to AS developers when creating a StageText object. Starting with AIR 23, the StageText clear button will be made optional. Doing so provides more flexibility for AS developers who use StageText.

It adds HiDPI support for AIR Desktop in Windows

This update allows for a higher quality rendering for AIR content on HiDPI displays. This update focuses on higher pixel density scaling rather than pixel-doubling scaling.

It’s been a while since the last AIR update and the latest one addresses some much-needed updates on several platforms.