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The WhatsApp developers are always keen on improving their app, so they often launch updates. This happened last week as well, and the team released an update. It’s not as much about the user interface, but it does bring some new features for sharing items, such as when you want to send some a picture using the WhatsApp camera.

Many users love taking pictures and then sharing them through WhatsApp with their friends and family. This update is very handy for those who like doing so because it brings several options when a user takes a picture with the camera in the app.

This update is available for now only for Android users, who can get it straight from the Play Store. There is no official confirmation that the update will be rolling out on iOS too, or at least for now.

Among the changes this update brings you can find front-facing flash, for instance. This lets you take the perfect selfie from the app camera even n low light conditions or during the night. It also lets you draw or write and add emojis to photos and videos you take in the app. Moreover, there is a color selector and you can change the brush size or the font.

Another interesting addition is the fact that you can now mention people in groups by typing @ and their username. They will receive a notification that you have mentioned them. Also, you can invite people to join your group through a simple link you send them. For this, you have to tap on Add participants and then choose Invite to group via link.

Perhaps one of the most appreciated changes is the fact that the team is bringing new emojis. Plus, they will appear much larger in chats, which makes them even funnier.

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