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After the horrible misfortune Samsung had with the brand new Galaxy Note 7, it seems much more appropriate for the company to focus its resources on the next generation of handsets, Samsung Galaxy S8.

The numerous reports of Samsung Note 7 devices catching fire while charging has forced Samsung not only to recall the phablets, but to also cease their production entirely. The latter measure had to be taken as it appears that simply replacing the batteries was not enough to solve the problem.

Samsung has stated that they are working on the problem but the fact is that they cannot reproduce it and as a result cannot quite identify it fully. This means that the company may never resume the device’s production.

Naturally, the fan base for the Samsung devices that usually purchases them on an annual basis is now forced to orientate itself towards a different high-end Android-based phablet provider like Huawei. It’s also quite possible that a part of Samsung’s audience will migrate towards Apple devices either temporarily or permanently.

Back to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, rumors have already begun to surface about the device and it is presumed to come in two variants, a 5.1 inch display that support 2K resolution and a 5.5-inch screen that supports 4K resolution. Both variants will feature curved Super AMOLED displays.

The bigger Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus variant is believed to come with a dual camera as opposed to the smaller Samsung Galaxy S8. Both devices are supposed to come with a new gen Snapdragon 830 processor plus more RAM in order to support VR.

Supposedly, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced at a Samsung event that will take place on the 26th of February 2017. The event in question is the Mobile World Congress and it will be held in Barcelona.