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There are Mac users who are thinking about ditching their iPhones in favor of an Android smartphone and they want to know if it’s possible to synch photos between them. Or at least to copy photos from their new Android device to their Mac without dealing with complications.

Yes, it’s possible to move photos from an Android device to a Mac and the first method is by using Google Photos, an application that automatically backs up images online to a Google Photos account, which can be accessed on a Mac from a server. Then, the images are downloaded to the Mac and the problem is solved. On the other hand, Google Photos app is supported on iOS devices as well, so if you want to add more images to your Google Photos library, then take other photos with your iPhone and let the application automatically back them up. There are also other photo-sharing apps that can be installed on Android, iOS and OS X/macOS, such as Flickr, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive which offer automatic online backups, or you can search on the Google Play store for other file-syncing utilities.

Many users prefer to copy photos in the old-fashioned way, so they connect their phones to their computers using a USB cable, and when the mobile device is recognized – just like a compatible camera, the Photos program opens up and it imports photos from the phone.

There is another free software created by Google called Android File Transfer which can be installed on a Mac and it can be used to see the contents of the Android phone and copy the photos from it. The other application that does the same thing is AirDroid and it works perfectly with a Moto device. Lastly, we recommend sharing pictures between Apple devices using iCloud Photo Sharing, in case you want to move images from your iPhone to your Mac.