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The highly anticipated GTA 6 appears to have been delayed for more reasons than Rockstar – the company responsible for the Grand Theft Auto series – would like to admit.

Rockstar has already stated that the reason for delaying the development of the game is because they want fans to focus in GTA V more. And this is a legitimate reason but it appears that there are some rumors that the stalling could be attributed to the lack of funds for the next GTA 6.

If we were to look at the budget for the GTA 5, which was about $265 million, and compare it with an upcoming installment which would benefit from all of the new types of tech support like AR and VR, we’d have to assume that it would be far more expensive to develop this latter type of game.

But some believe that money shouldn’t be an issue for Rockstar as the company is estimated to have tripled that initial sum in revenues for the GTA 5. It’s actually estimated that GTA 5 grossed in $800 million within 24 hours of its release.

And with all of the interest the GTA fan base has for the upcoming installment, there’s no reason to believe that the next game won’t be a huge success as soon as it comes out. When will it come out, you ask?

One of the most known rumors about the upcoming GTA 6 is that there will be a 2018 launch because fans have noticed that there is usually a 5 year gap between the games. However, there are other rumors that state that we will not be seeing the game until 2020.

Whether or not that is true, we won’t know for sure until Rockstar says something certain about it so it’s best to focus on GTA 5, because we’re in for two to four years of waiting.