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Supercell has released Clash Of Clans in 2012 for iOS and a year later for Android. Since then, the popular game that allows you to build your own town and attack other players in order to gain resources such as gold, elixir and dark elixir, has received many updates and the latest one is expected to roll out tomorrow, October 14.

On October 11, a player who is a member of the official COC forum has asked if the awaited Clash Of Clans will be released in that day, and Anoushka, who is a top participative member of Supercell team told him that the update will arrive in a couple of days. This is where speculations arose and everyone started wondering if Supercell has plans to bring the update on October 14. Also, reports suggest that the new update will focus on the bomb tower, which will have a more important role than just throwing bombs at enemies. It will become available at Town Hall 8, and it will be upgraded to level 5, but when players will reach Town Hall 10, they will have the possibility to build another bomb tower.

Also, new troops will make their appearance in the new update: Town Hall 10 – Wizard level 7; Town Hall 11 – Hidden Tesla level 9, Baby Dragon level 5, Mortar level 10, Dragon level 6, X-Bow level 5 and 25 additional Wall pieces. On the other hand, several troops will see balance changes:

– Wizard level 6 will be unlocked at Town Hall level 9 and hits points and damage will be slightly increased;
– Mortar level 8-9 damage will be increased;
– Bowler hitpoints will be slightly nerfed;
– Cloned troops from Clone Spells will last longer during battles;
– Giant bombs will lose strength against the Hog Rider and will no longer deal 1.5x damage;
– P.E.K.K.A empowered as Hidden Teslas will no longer deal 2x damage to P.E.K.K.A;
– Witch hitpoints will be boosted;
– Skeleton Spells will spawn 26 skeletons.

At the same time, other troops that will receive upgrade discounts in terms of time or cost will be: Wizard 6, Dragon 3-5, Baby Dragon (all levels), Cannon 12-13, Archer Tower 11-13, Mortar 8-9, Wizard Tower 7-8, Hidden Tesla 5-8 and X-Bow 2-4.