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WhatsApp is one of the most used mobile messaging applications out there and there are over one million of people who log into their accounts every day to keep in touch with their loved ones. Today we will talk about the latest STABLE version of WhatsApp for Android, which is 2.16.297.

This new update is available for anyone who owns a device that runs Android OS. If you’ve already tested the previous WhatsApp BETA version, then you already know about the features that the latest STABLE version of the application comes with. However, if you usually install only the STABLE version of WhatsApp on your Android device, then you should know that version 2.16.297 of the application comes with a new option that allows you to draw or even add text or emoji to photos and videos that you send via WhatsApp.

In addition, from now on, you will be able to mention a user who is inside a group chat, by using the “@” ahead his/her name. For example, if you want to mention the user John from a group, open that group and write “@John” followed by whatever text or emoji you want.

WhatsApp version 2.16.297 for Android: What’s New?

  • Ability to add text, draw and add emojis to photos and videos that you send via this application
  • Ability to mention someone in a group chat by using the “@” symbol
  • Group admins can invite people to join a group by sharing a link (the link can be accessed by heading to Add Participants -> Invite to group via link option
  • New emoji have been added.

To install the latest stable version of WhatsApp on your Android device you will just need to open the Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp and install (or update) it on your Android device. Once the installation is complete, use your mobile phone number to get verified and log into your WhatsApp account.