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You might have heard by now about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire  while charging and we hope you’re not one of those unlucky people that were the ‘victims’ of this inconvenience.

These incidents were first reported at the beginning of last month and Samsung is still struggling with this problem. The initial solution for the problem was a recall of the entirety of the devices in order to replace the malfunctioning batteries with different ones. This happened because Samsung blamed the batteries for this problem, rather than the whole of the device.

As it turns out, the devices with the replaced batteries, the good batteries, have also begun to catch fire, thus confirming that the problem lies within the complexities of the device’s specs. This has led Samsung to demand a full recall of the device and to cease its production.

While this may be horrible news to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users, it’s actually great news for Apple as its brand new iPhone 7 series were the only devices to truly rival with the Note 7. And there go the hopes Samsung had for the Note 7 to dominate the smartphone market share in 2016.

But it’s very likely that Apple will not be the only one to profit from Samsung’s misfortune. It’s quite possible that other Android-based high-end smartphone manufactures will grab a part of the market share that was supposed to go to Samsung. In Apple’s case, it has been predicted that the 2016 sales for the iPhone 7 will equal those in 2015, which is significantly better that it was anticipated before.

As for Samsung, all that there’s left to do is to focus they efforts on making the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 a marvel of technology in order to retrieve that lost audience. We know that Apple already plans to do the same thing with the iPhone 8.