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The launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro took place about a month ago and many hoped that Apple would have taken the opportunity to say something about the upcoming iPad Mini 5. But that did not happen even though it was the best moment to say something. As a result, many of those genuinely interested in the upcoming device fear that it may never happen.

Sure, there are many rumors about it floating around that make assumptions about its specs and release date, but so far, Apple has not said a word about it. However, it is precisely this lack of an official confirmation from the giant about the cancellation of the product that is giving some of the users hope that it might actually be in the works.

The most recent rumor about the iPad Mini 5 is that Apple will integrate it into the iPad Pro 2 lineup which is expected to be released soon.

This integration implies that the iPad Mini 5 will simply be one of the three variants of the upcoming iPad Mini 5 Pro and it will most likely be the 7.9 inch one. The other two variants are rumored to have 12.9 inch and 10.5 inch displays.

While it’s better to see the iPad Mini 5, whatever its name may be, some tech analysts worry that potential users might not be just as interested in an iPad Pro Mini, than they would be in the fifth generation of the iPad Mini, even if they are the same device. It’s all about the name.

Another interesting point that tech analysts have made is that this integration will also bring some specs changes to the iPad Mini that will make it more of a tablet for professionals. Those rumored specs include an aluminum shell, an A9X processor and a 3D pressure sensitive screen.

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