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Microsoft started taking pre-orders for the Development Edition of HoloLens at the end of February, and the headset was shipped a month later to customers from the US and Canada, who paid $3,000. The giant company is planning to release the augmented reality device in six more countries: Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK and preorders began yesterday.

Currently, the HoloLens is sold in Germany, France, and Ireland for 3,299 Euro ($3,633), in the UK for £2,719 ($3,335), in Australia for 4,369 AU dollars ($3,308) and in New Zealand for 7,829 NZ dollars ($5,527). The good news is that users can find over 80 exclusive mixed reality applications in the Windows Store. Developers are turning floors into lava, creating aquariums in our living rooms, setting off mixed reality fireworks, and creating new ways to improve the quality of life for humanity through the power of holograms. I couldn’t be more proud that Windows is leading the way through the innovation of our partners and customers,” said Alex Kipman, chief inventor of HoloLens, on Windows Blogs.

Back in August, everyone with $3,000 was allowed to purchase the HoloLens headset from Microsoft’s online store, after two months before, the company has announced that mixed reality is coming to PCs. Fans are hoping to learn more about the HoloLens at Microsoft Oct. 26 Event, when the new Surface All-In-One PC will be unveiled.

The HoloLens will run on Windows Holographic OS, it will weight 579 grams and will be powered by an Intel 32-bit (1GHz) processor that will be powered by 2GB of RAM *1GB HPU RAM. It will have a flash memory will a capacity of 64GBm a 2.3MP widescreen stereoscopic head-mounted display, a 2.4MP camera and supports spatial sound technology, four sensors, a 120°×120° depth camera, gestural commands via sensors and HPU and it connects via IEEE 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.1 LE.