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Google Earth is a great tool that lets you see any place on Earth in 3D buildings, maps, satellites and terrain modes. You can even see galaxies in space and the canyons in the ocean, explore geography, share what you find with your friends and save a tour. But it also has lots of useful features, such as:

  • High-res printing. You can print images of the earth with a maximum resolution of 4800×3200 pixels.
  • Movie-Maker. You can create and export movies in Windows Media and Quicktime HD, of course in a good resolution at 1920×1080.
  • Pro data layers. You can see interesting information about a place, like traffic count, parcels and demographics.
  • Advanced Measurements. This lets you take measurements of land developments, parking lots and others with a polygonal area. You also have a circle measure to determine an affected area.
  • Spreadsheet Import. You can manipulate maximum 2500 addresses simultaneously, give them placemarks and different templates for style for all of them at a time.
  • GIS Import. This useful feature lets you see ESRI shapefiles (ending in .shp), toether with MapInfo (.tab) ones.

On the other hand, there is also the Pro version, which is focused more on business, but it also has lots of easy and useful features of the Earth:

  • Map any addresses you want with the help of Spreadsheet Importer.
  • Use the Movie Maker to produce other media files.
  • Calculate areas and distances with the measurement tools that are available.
  • Print high-res image files for reports or other presentations you need.
  • Import vector image files at a large scale, if you need to map some GIS data.

Keep in mind that there is no more support for the Pro version of Google Earth 6.0. Earlier versions, together with Pro 7.1.5 need a license key. If you don’t have one but you need it, use an email address and the GEPFREE key.