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Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers out there. The web browser is fast and it comes with many options and features. It also supports third-party extensions, which are now used by a good amount of people.

However, if you ever used Google Chrome you may have noticed that it uses a good amount of RAM. In other words, if you are a person who keeps many tabs opened, then you’ve noticed that you will be out of free RAM quite fast. Well, we have some good news for this type of users, as according to reports a new update is coming to Google Chrome, which will finally fix the huge RAM usage.

It seems that the upcoming Chrome version 55 will use the V8 Javascript Engine. According to the report posted on the engine’s official blog, this will significantly reduce the memory footprint of several websites that are using a modern web development pattern.

It is good to know that the new Chrome version that uses the V8 Javascript Engine is already being tested by the developers and they’ve noticed that it can reduce the RAM consumption by 35 to 50% compared to Chrome version 53.

Keep in mind that the improvements in both speed and performance will vary from a website to another, but according to reports, you will surely notice a significant improvement on websites such as Twitter, The New York Times and others.

Chrome version 55 will be released sometime in early of December. So, if you are that kind of persons who make their holiday shopping online by using multiple tabs on Chrome browser, then you will surely be very excited about this change.

Are you using Chrome browser on your computer? What’s your experience and impression resulted from using this popular web browser?