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Google Assistant is available only for the new Pixel phones and the rest of Nougat and Marshmallow users were wondering if there’s a way to get the intelligent, conversational virtual assistant to their devices. If Nougat users have two methods that involve: rootting their phones and editing the build.prop file directly, or flashing a .zip that can apply the tweak without requiring root, Marshmallow users will have to thank Xposed Framework for bringing AndroidN-ify, a module that back-ports many Nougat features to Marshmallow and earlier versions.

Before installing AndroidN-ify, users will need to root their devices, but it will be worth the effort, because they will get many features introduced in Nougat, on their Marshmallow or Lollipop phones. The module has just received a new update and the developer who added the tweak, Max Rumpf, claims that AndroidN-ify works on Google app version, in arm, arm64 and x86 variants. If you want to install this module on your device, you can get it from here, but make sure that the phone was rooted with a working version of the Xposed Framework. However, Google Assistant is brought by the latest version of AndroidN-ify and it works only on Marshmallow (AOSP and AOSP-like ROMs).

Also, as a precautionary measure, it’s recommendable to perform a full backup of your data, so you won’t lose important files in case something goes wrong. The previous version of AndroidN-ify, 0.2.0, which was released at the end of May, brought: a new notification design, a new status bar header design, a new Recents design, more double-tap fixes, option to restart SystemUI, option to force English app language, About screen in app, App theme switch, the option to return to last app, to return to current app and navigate through recents.

As for Google Assistant, it’s the direct answer to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana smart service, but more likely, an upgraded version of Google Now and an expansion of Ok Google voice controls.