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Thankfully, today we get to find out more about the Android 7.1 Nougat unwrapped for developers. The last week’s event brought us a sneak peek of the latest version of the OS. It is in fact an incremental update that is based on the latest OS, but the best part is that it brings completely new features both for developers and for users. But what’s really new?

  • Better live wallpaper metadata. This option lets you offer metadata about the live wallpapers you use. The metadata provided consists in author, description and label, together with a context URL and the title, for more information.
  • The new developer preview shows how this new feature allows you to surface some of the key action straight into your launcher. This means that the users can connect to your app instantly and you can make maximum 5 shortcuts, be them statically or dynamically.
  • Support for circular app icons. Finally the rounded look of the icons has come to Android Nougat, which is great because it matches the style of Pixel and of other launchers.
  • Storage manager intent. This new feature allows an app to take you directly to the Settings screen in order to free up internal memory and delete any unused files found on the device.
  • Support for image keyboard. The fact that they added this type of support means that users can now send more content types straight from the keyboard, such as gifs, customized stickers and many more.

All in all, the Android 7.1 Developer Preview is an awesome update that offers developers everything they need in order to test their apps or complete them with new features, such as new shortcuts and keyboard images. You will also find there the SDK with build tools, samples, documentation and new APIs.