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Sony will release the PlayStation VR tomorrow, October 13, but fans can prepare in advance and get the launch games they like from the PS Store. The PlayStation VR will come with a 5.7-inch OLED panel that will support a RGB sub-pixel matrix resolution of 1080p and will connect to the PS console via HDMI or USB. Game developers have already released a few titles for this virtual reality gaming head-mounted display and in this article you’ll find their prices and download sizes.

PlayStation VR Launch Games


– The Playroom VR (2.1GB, PSVR Required);
– PlayStation VR Demo Disc (36.3GB, PSVR Required);
– Tumble VR Demo (2.5GB, PSVR Required);
– Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Demo (12.2GB, PSVR Required).


– Tumble VR (2.5GB, PSVR Required).


– Harmonix Music VR (815MB, PSVR Required).


– 100ft Robot Golf (6.4GB, PSVR Compatible);
– Batman: Arkham VR (8GB, PSVR Required, PS Move Compatible);
– Bound (1.4GB, PSVR Compatible);
– Hustle Kings VR (938MB, PSVR Required);
– Super Stardust Ultra VR (3.3GB, PSVR Required);
– Thumper (1.2GB, PSVR Compatible);
– Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (12.2GB, PSVR Required);
– Wayward Sky (2.5GB, PSVR Required, PS Move Compatible).


– Rez Infinite (492MB, PSVR Compatible);
– SuperHyperCube (213MB, PSVR Required).


– DriveClub VR (17.9GB, PSVR Required).


– PlayStation VR Worlds (7.6GB, PSVR Required).


– Battlezone (2.8GB, PSVR Required);
– RIGS Mechanized Combat League (18.6GB, PSVR Required).


– EVE: Valkyrie (5.5GB, PSVR Required).

On the PS Store, users can also find free launch apps and movies such as:

– Allumette (875MB, PSVR Required, PS Move Compatible);
– Hulu (40MB, PSVR Compatible);
– Invasion! (1.3GB, PSVR Required);
– Littlstar VR Cinema (201MB, PSVR Required);
– Vrideo (119MB, PSVR Required);
– Within (135MB, PSVR Required).

For a daily VR fortune-telling experience, users will need to pay $6.99 to purchase Kismet (736MB, PSVR Required) and the DLC Gold for EVE: Valkyrie costs between $4.99 and $99.99.