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Market analysts have noticed recently that Microsoft is focusing more and more on manufacturing hardware and on promoting it as much as they can. And the fact that they are sending press invitations to the event that is going to take place on the 26th of October. The giant company is not particularly famous for making hardware, and making mobile devices that run on their Windows OS hasn’t been such a huge success either.

However, all this might change after they release the Surface Book 2. In a slightly unfair way, many people are interested in the Microsoft Surface Phone that will also be released soon, but the 2nd generation of the Surface Book model should also be seen with more interest. Apparently, this device will be launched earlier than everybody assumed, perhaps in order to rival with the MacBook Pro 2016, according to some reports from iTechPost.

It was a huge surprise for everybody when they announced another device from the Surface Book series, since many people did not expect it because it wasn’t mentioned by the company in any forecast or declaration. Truth be told, the previous model is just one year old, and the fact that they are already working on a new model might mean that they are going full speed ahead against Apple and MacBook products.

Currently, it’s hard to foresee how will a recently launched 2-in-1 computer that runs on Windows 10 be able to fight a solid and established MacBook Pro series. First of all, they will need to sell it at a price that has to be lower than the opponent’s, otherwise everybody will choose the Apple product. Secondly, they will have to bring the best features they can, and this is what they plan to do, with a USB Type-C port, Kaby Lake processors, improved battery, 4K resolution and the latest OS.