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Adobe Flash Player has become one of the most at-risk programs nowadays, with many hackers taking advantage of its vulnerabilities to access users’ computers, steal their personal info, and even gain full control of their systems. Because of these, web browsers are taking a stand to protect their users from the risks that Flash Player presents.

One such browser is Google Chrome. On August 9, the team behind Chrome published a post on their official blog detailing what would happen with Flash Player. Chrome had configured some Flash content to be click-to-play in 2015 but, with the release of Chrome 53 this year, it will begin blocking behind-the-scenes Flash content (like those used to support page analytics) by default. It will up the game in December, during which Chrome 55 will make HTML5 the default option. The only exceptions are sites that support only Flash; when you first visit these sites, you’ll be asked to enable Flash to see their content.

Mozilla Firefox is another browser that has changed the way it runs Adobe Flash Player. Last July, the Firefox team announced in an official blog post that the browser will start blocking Flash content that’s not important to user experience. This includes advertisements and other behind-the-scenes programs. The team has also revealed that, in 2017, all Flash content will become click-to-play by default in Firefox. This means that, if you want to view  Flash-based videos or games in Firefox, you’ll need to manually authorize them before they would load.

So what does this all mean for you? Basically, there’s no need to worry since Chrome and Firefox will do the hard work for you. The only thing you should do is to enable Flash in trusted websites that use this program so you can view their content. Of course, make sure to download Adobe Flash Player updates as soon as they come out to keep your system secure.

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